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Download DirLister_setup.exe (406.44 KB)

DirLister is an utility for quickly listing folder or drive contents. It may be run from graphical interface or Windows Explorer right-click menu.

As you can see, the graphical interface is very simple. Browse for the folder, select setting and output file - and you are ready to go. Note that the settings you chose will also be used from shell right-click menu.

  • Output format is either HTML or plain text file. In first case, hyperlink will be created for each file.
  • "Open file" means that after creating the directory listing, resulting file will be opened in your default browser or text editor, resp.
  • "Recursive mode". If enabled, DirLister will list selected folder and all subfolders. If unchecked, subfolders will not be scanned or listed.
  • "File mask". Wildcard mask to use for listing, both * and ? are supported. Very useful if you want a list of all jpeg images in a folder, for example.

Shell menu

As I said before, the settings you selected from user interface will be used when selecting a folder - with one exception: filename. If you list a folder, then output file will be in the current folder and the filename will be "DirLister <fullpath to folder". For example, if you list c:\Windows\System32\ then the file will be in c:\Windows\ with a name "Dirlister C_WINDOWS_system32.html".

If you want to list a drive from "My Computer", then you will see a menu item "List Drive". That will place the list file to the root folder of the drive being listed. Of course, if the drive is non-writable (such as CD or DVD) then it is not possible to put file there and you will have to list the drive from GUI. (Note. I will fix that to ask for a filename - but not before I need that myself).

This is how HTML list looks like. Note that I used wildcard *.s??

Sample list

To do in next version:

  • Fix/add that CD/DVD thing
  • Option to include audio, image and video info (bitrate, samplerate, length, resolution, color depth, codec)
  • Option to include file date
  • Option to exclude filetypes from listing
  • Better integration with shell (ability to select several folders and list their contents into one file)

Version info

v1.0. Initial release.


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