Here are some tools that I've needed on Wikipedia. If you have questions or comments, leave me a message on my Wikipedia user talk page.

This is an utility to find articles which are not tagged with {{WikiProject Estonia}} template, but may be related to WikiProject Estonia. This tool runs for several minutes, doing up to 2000 requests to the Wikipedia API and should generally not be used more often than once every few weeks.

Before running this tool, you should check and tag articles found by the AlexNewArtBot/Estonia.

This tool allows to see and compare the daily and weekly edit patterns of Wikipedia editors. Last 3000 edits are used - or all the edits, if the editor has less than that. UTC is used for all dates and times.

Type in one or more usernames (you can add several separated by comma) and press 'Add'. This will verify that user(s) exist in Wikipedia and have edits - you'll also see the registration date and the total number of edits.

After you've added all the users you want to compare, press 'Start'. The data retrieval should take less than 10 seconds (the user data is fetched semi-parallel); users whose data is being fetched are highlighted and users whose data is already retrieved are dimmed.

You can add new users to comparison both during and after the data retrieval. Just click 'Start' to add their data to the charts.

Neither charts nor user data are not stored in server, but you can download the chart by clicking on the link underneath it (does not work in Internet Explorer!).
This is an utility to find long periods of continuous editing, often indicating a shared account or bot.
  • User name is the Wikipedia username of the editor, case sensitive.
  • Pause duration is the maximum time between edits of them to be considered a continous edit spree.
  • Edit count is the number of latest edits to check. Use 0 to check all edits of the user.
Depending on the requested edit count, the tool works from a few seconds to several minutes. You can see the status of data retrieval as a progress bar. Up to 50 longest edit stretches will be displayed.
Find user's edits to a specified Wikipedia page. Up to 500 edits will be returned.

If you want to search a non-article page, such as talk, user talk or special Wikipedia pages, use the complete name of the page - i.e. Talk:Estonia, Wikipedia:WikiProject Estonia, User talk:Jimbo Wales or Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/Incidents.

The comment is already parsed from MediaWiki markup to HTML (ie intra-Wiki links work etc). To see the unparsed comment, hover the mouse over the comment. All the links will open in a new window/tab.
This utility helps to find Wikipedia pages that both specified users have edited. Last 5000 edits are checked from each user.

This tool runs from a few seconds up to a minute, depending on the numbers of total and overlapping edits of both users. All links open in a new window/tab; the edit comment is already parsed from MediaWiki markup to regular HTML. To see the unparsed version, hover the mouse over the comment.
This is a helper to create tables for the List of protected areas of Estonia. It is not meant to be used by everybody, and as such, requires an authenticated user to access some of the functionality (the creation date and coordinates have to be scraped from the Estonian Environmental Registry web pages, page by page - and I really don't want to DDOS their very slow server).

This tool requires user to get the .csv file from Estonian Environmental Registry protected objects search. The file is not uploaded to the server (most of the parsing is done by JavaScript in the browser).

This tool runs about 3 minutes in full and a few seconds in non-authenticated user mode.