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Download IP2Country.zip (632.92 KB)

IP2country is a small application that takes an IP or host and tells you in which country the IP is located.

To install, just extract the files to any folder. IP2country does not write any registry keys and has no configuration files.

IP2country is very easy to use - just type in or paste the IP/host and press the Locate button.


IP2country main window


Country name - "Netherlands" in the screenshot - is a link to the article about that country in Wikipedia. WHOIS lookup button takes you to my DNS Tools page and, obviously, tries to get the WHOIS info about the IP/host. Copy button just copies country name to the clipboard.


IP2country minimizes to the tray, just click on the icon to restore it.

You can also use IP2country from the command line - just do: ip2country <address/ip-to-locate>

IP2country has no need for a web connection to find the IP. If you want to get the country from the host, the program has to do DNS for that address. If the host is already in your DNS cache, it will not go to the net, if it isn't, you have to allow IP2country thru your firewall. Note - if you want to clear your DNS cache, do (in Run or command prompt): ipconfig /flushdns




  • LawdyMama and Krungerix beta tested the proggie
  • IP2country uses MaxMind GeoIP database

2006-04-19 Initial release


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