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Ten thousand people, maybe more
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Current version: 2.23

sbClient is a SearchBot client. sbClient automatically opens downloaded search results; you can use sbClient to make very fast local searches in downloaded lists and it can group @find/@locator results. sbClient is capable of automatically requesting SearchBot triggers from channel and can combine results from different search types.

How to install sbClient?

Download and extract all files to your mIRC folder. You can do also subfolder for sbClient, it will work as long as all its files are in the same folder. Now open mIRC and if you have files in main mIRC folder, type /load -rs sbClient.mrc into any mIRC window and press enter. If you made a subfolder for sbClient, you must add subfolder name to command, ie if you have sbClient in subfolder "scripts", use /load -rs scripts/sbClient.mrc . Note that sbClient will automatically load itself as a first script. During load, sbClient will verify if two required dll's are in same folder with the .mrc. After successful script loading, options dialog will pop up.

Options dialog

All should be fairly self-explanatory. I don't recommend checking "No max results for local searches" because if you search for, let's say, .mp3 or *a* from 3000 list, then searching will take quite a while and loading search results into mIRC window will freeze mIRC and you will very likely ping out.

Don't forget to disable @find grouping in DLFilter and AutoGet if you are using those scripts.

"Request search triggers" is only needed when SearchBot trigger for some channel changes. Normally sbClient will request trigger from channel as soon as you press the "Add" button. Also, "Request search triggers" will request triggers from all SearchBot channels (ie, the ones in lower channel list).

"Store results as .txt files" will make a subfolder "SearchBot results" into your mIRC folder and move received SearchBot result files to there for future reference. If file with the same filename already exists, then hh-mm-ss will be added to filename.

Search dialog

You can access search dialog from Commands --> sbClient --> Search dialog or just press F4 when mIRC is active application.

As you can see, everything is very simple here as well. Type in your search frase, check the appropriate boxes, select channels if needed and click "Search!" or just push enter.

You can have several channel (ie SearchBot and @find searches) running at once but only one local search. "Use separate windows for each search" applies only to SearchBot search results.

Please note that only @find results from SDFind/OmenServe type fileservers (aka listservers) will be grouped.


Search results

Search results will be collected or loaded (according to search type) into mIRC windows. All window names will begin with "sbClient", like sbClient.results, sbClient.@find.results etc. You can access various options by right-clicking on that window. There are several types of windows and several types of options, I will only show how local search results window menu looks like.

Once again, all should be fairly easy to understand and I will not start to describe every option in that menu. Item "BWI" is not related to sbClient, it belongs to BWI serving script by Iczelion (maintained by afaiktoit).

Version info (starting from 2.2, public versions only)

  • 2.2. Fixed extension-less saving if you didn't set one. Now sbClient remembers what channels you had selected in search dialog (first time will show empty selection).
  • 2.21. Got annoyed as hell to DejaToons network who banned for using sbClient (apparently they do network-wide bans for sneezing). So sbClient no longer sends reply for CTCP VERSION in DejaToons network - will send it normally in other networks. Script cleaned with ScriptCleaner.
  • 2.22 Website change
  • 2.23. Windows 7: if your mIRC wasn't in a standard installation folder and user data in %appdata%, storing of the search results failed, as it would require administrative rights to rename a file. Also, cleaned up version check code.


sbClient.dll is in fact searchbot.dll, a very fast searching dll created by Iczelion

r00ted gave me several ideas and reported a lot of bugs.


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