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Download WordMagus_setup.exe (1.76 MB)

WordMagus is a conversion utility that uses Microsoft Word as an engine. In addition to converting between Word formats, WordMagus employs utilities to convert or decompile some other common document formats, such as PDF, HLP, PRC/PDB, LIT, CHM and RB.

WordMagus requires at least MS Word 2000 and Word XP/2003 for filtered HTML.

WordMagus GUI has only options. Actual converting works from the shell right-click menu. In the image is the shell menu for HTML file, all "Convert to..." options are from WordMagus.

New file will be in the same folder as original. If the file with the same name already exists you will be asked if you want to replace it.



WordMagus options should be rather easy to understand, so I won't give you step-by-step directions about them.


Note that while WordMagus is released under MPL 1.1, programs and code using in/by WordMagus are released under various other licences.

WordMagus uses executables or code from following sources:




rbmake and rbburst





  • Majecki made the graphic for the installer and gave me some ideas
  • LawdyMama beta tested and urged me to finish this project. She also created this nice chm help file that you'll get with WordMagus.


Version info

  • 2.0 (11. sept 2005) Initial release (v1 was never public)
  • 2.01 (14. sept 2005) Fixed two incredibly dumb errors. rbMake crashed when converting HTML --> .RB and .HTM --> .RB used Word to convert .HTM to .HTML
  • 2.02 (29. sept 2005). Fixed bug in pdb/prc routine (thanks to Tedric for reporting it), added CHM extraction capability & option (needs testing. Relies on Microsoft's hh.exe that must be already in user's computer).

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